Story A Day: What I Wrote, What Others Wrote

Story A Day May came and went quickly this year. In the second half of the month, I accidentally wrote a serial in 100-word instalments I’ve called the Salvage Series. Given that I only had a vague idea where it would go, it turned out okay.

I didn’t read half as many stories by other writers as I’d have liked, but I found many I enjoyed. And then there were a handful I loved:

Have you read anything good last month you’d like to share? Pop it in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Story A Day: What I Wrote, What Others Wrote

  1. Thanks for the link, and the likes and follow! I’ve enjoyed reading your work this month. Like you, I didn’t read as much as I wanted, but I’ve been trying to get back in the habit and the WordPress diversity certainly helps. 😄

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    1. You’re welcome! I loved how you brought those posters to life in your flash 🙂

      I’ve discovered so many writers on WordPress whose stories I enjoy. If only there were more hours in the day…


  2. I think you know that the stories I most enjoyed were your Salvage series! I am just now getting back to this post of yours, sorry for that. And I am doing the Road Trip, so I am getting to read all of the wonderful things I missed during the month of May. Thanks for including my story amongst your favorites 🙂 I am so honored!

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