How to Write a Successful Blog

Aerogramme Studios published a post today called 7 Essential Tips for Writing a Successful Blog.

Those are great tips, but I think the most important one for anyone starting out is number 5: Value your readers, reply to comments, go and visit commenters’ blogs and return the favour. I don’t always manage the latter, but I try.

Any tips you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “How to Write a Successful Blog

  1. I agree with you – interraction is the key. Chatting to others, developing relationships, giving time to other people’s blogs. Apart from the fact there is a lot of interesting stuff to find out there, it will also help to build your own blog too.
    Don’t follow too many other people unless you have all day to read, comment etc (a mistake I’ve made, where I just haven’t had time to read everything.)
    Try to be interesting and entertaining – and don’t write anything longer than 1,000 words ish (just a personal view, though).
    And have a sense of humour – some people take the whole thing a little bit too seriously 🙂

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