About Sonya

Hi, I’m Sonya. I’m a writer. My main blog is Only 100 Words – I post a new 100-word story there every day. But sometimes, these little flashes of story open up a world I want to explore further. Some of those may end up on this blog.

I participate in 3LineThursday most weeks and I repost the micro stories I write for the challenge here, too.

On occasion, I want to post something else writing-related, as well. Submission opportunities, writing challenges, that sort of thing. That’ll end up here, too.

I write a lot. Sometimes I get it right, most of the time I don’t. I value your feedback, positive or negative. If something doesn’t work for you, I want to know.


22 thoughts on “About Sonya

  1. I like this concept. I found your blog from the Blogging 101 course. I write short stories too not nearly as often you though. It is something I’m trying to do more of though. Anyway, I’m going to head over to your sister blog and see what’s going on over there.

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    1. Hello & welcome! I recommend writing every day, but not necessarily publishing it… It gets a bit stressful some days. On the other hand, I know my writing’s improving all the time, so that’s a bonus.


  2. Yikes! I’m impressed! 100-word stories, not to mention the 3-liners. Is there a name for such literary zingers? What a challenge this kind of writing would be for me. I’m still working on developing craft as a fiction writer, working on my first novel, and struggling with what has always been my most dastardly demon in writing: verbosity. Maybe I should try 100-word stories as an exercise. I like your comment that creativity thrives when you give it boundaries. Nice to discover you and your sites, Sonya!

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  3. I love both your sites (followed both 🙂 ). I don’t think I can be as discipline as you to sit at my desk and write everyday. But you’ve motivated me. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you and welcome aboard 🙂

      I wouldn’t recommend publishing something every day, actually – it can get quite stressful. But writing every day, if you can manage it, is really beneficial – it really helped me nail down my style.

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