The Drugs Don’t Work

‘Fly with me,’ she trilled. ‘Goody two-shoes,’ she cawed.

Her last words. She crashed, like I warned her,

But being right won’t make feeling lonely any better.

(written for 3LineThursday, week 36)


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I have just signed up for week 1 of the Brigit’s Flame July writing contest. After moving and being away for more than half of June, I need some structure to get back into writing daily.
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Hold your Fireworks! It’s too hot to write one long story, so were going to make July a Month-o-Minis.

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Your hint is:

“All the small things”

This is not a cumulative competition, each week has a single winner – the next prompt starts a new competition. There are no elimination rounds (unless there’s a tie).

Here’s the plan:
Week 1 word count max 150, limit three unrelated submissions per person | sign-up 6/30 – 7/4 | prompt is up on Sunday, July 5th | due date Saturday, July 11th

Week 2 word count max 200, limit two unrelated submissions per person | sign-up 7/7 – 7/10 | prompt is up on Sunday, July 12th | due date Saturday, July 18th

Week 3 word count max 350, limit one submission per person | sign-up 7/14 – 7/17 | prompt is up on Sunday, July 19th…

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