mightier than

one cruel word

& the blues bleeds

into my heart

(written for #3LineThursday, week 38; photo by Karin Taylor)


Moving On, Hon

I’ll never not be there – triple emphasis pinky swear.

At the time I said it, I meant it,

but time’s moved on. And so should we, hon.

(written for 3LineThursday, week 37)

Upcoming Publications: Schooldays, Landmarks and FlashFlood

I’m supposed to be on holiday, but the weather’s not great today and I have to do something, right? How about some publication news, then:

  • My micro fiction ‘Preppers’ will be on the National Flash Fiction Day 2015 FlashFlood edition next Saturday at around 23:00 (BST). FlashFlood is still open for submissions until Wednesday, so why not submit yourself?
  • My story ‘The Beautiful Game’ has been selected for publication in this year’s NFFD anthology, Landmarks. I absolutely love the cover. It’s not out yet – I’ll post a link once it’s been published.
  • The new Paper Swans anthology, Schooldays, is available for preorder (click on the image for the online shop). It features two of my flashes: ‘Served Cold’ and ‘Pret a Manger’.