This Confused Blog of Mine: An Intro of Sorts

When I started this blog, I thought it would be useful to run it alongside my main blog, Only 100 Words. I wanted to use this blog for longer stories and writing about writing.

But I’ve since discovered that people love 100-word serials – the two serialised stories on Only 100 Words are among the most popular things I’ve written. And I don’t want to be another writer writing about writing – there’s plenty of those around who do it much better than I could. So my initial reason for having this blog has gone.

What is still there is the need for a place to post anything that isn’t a 100-word story: my 3LineThursday micro fiction, writing prompts, calls for submissions – hell, maybe even the odd post about writing.

And there’s this idea I’ve been toying with for a while, a monthly or maybe even weekly round-up of the best stories I’ve read in whatever period I settle on. This weekend, Lisa of Zen and Pi and Lynn of Word Shamble linked to stories of mine. Is there anything better than have someone else recommend something you’ve written? I read lots of flash fiction every week – maybe it’s time I shared my favourites.

Show of hands: Who’s interested in a curated flash fiction reading list?