Story A Day: What I Wrote, What Others Wrote

Story A Day May came and went quickly this year. In the second half of the month, I accidentally wrote a serial in 100-word instalments I’ve called the Salvage Series. Given that I only had a vague idea where it would go, it turned out okay.

I didn’t read half as many stories by other writers as I’d have liked, but I found many I enjoyed. And then there were a handful I loved:

Have you read anything good last month you’d like to share? Pop it in the comments!



‘They’re only stories’, you say when they arrest you.

You’re a terrorist, says your search history

and algorithms don’t lie.

(written for #3LineThursday, week 33)

Inspiration for Story a Day: Writing Prompts and Challenges

Writing a story a day is fun most of the time, but occasionally it’s hard work (not hard as in working in a coal mine or sitting hunched over a sewing machine in a sweat shop, mind). I need to find a spark that turns into a story which can be told in 100 words.

Part of writing is to watch what’s going on around you. But there are days when people-watching and eavesdropping don’t do the trick.

I have a list of websites that often provide me with additional sparks. I’ve recently added a few new ones – I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of stories they’ll inspire. And you know what? Instead of rattling on about them, I’ll list them for other writers who are looking for a wide range of story sparks.

Writing Prompts:

Flash Fiction Challenges:

I hope you’ll find some, if not all, of these resources useful. Do you know of any other writing challenges and/or lists of writing prompts? Pop them in the comments!

Story a Day May

2015stadabadge150x69purpleIf you know me from my flash fiction blog, it won’t come as a surprise that I love a writing challenge.

One of those challenges is Story a Day May. There are no prizes for guessing what it’s about, the name says it all. I’ve joined the challenge in 2013 for the first time, and I’m still using the stories I wrote then for competition entries. So of course I’m going to join again this year.

I already write a story a day, you might say. But sometimes, those 100-word flashes hint at a bigger story I want to discover. I’ll try to expand a one-hundred word opening scene into a longer story once a week during May – let’s see how it goes.

How about you – will you join Story a Day May?